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Tagged!! O_o

whoah...!! m tagged by Cielo Sama :P laayee!! XD thankx for the tag btw...umwah!

1. wat's ur latest addiction?
* err...eatin yogurt XD

2. wat r u listnin to?
* music!! =D

3. how late did u stay up last nyt n y?
* 3 i watch some movies XD

4. who were u wit last friday nyt?
* with ma friendx =D

5. do u think u will b in a relationship 3 mnths frm nw?
* maybe...

6. wen is da next tym u'll see ur clz frnds?
* maybe tomorrow...

7. wat were u duin this mrnin at 7am?
* sleeping...XD

8. wat radio station do u listn to da most?
* hfm

9. wat was da reason u last cried?
* err..i cant remember...

10. hav u evr talk'd to sumone wen they were high?
* lol..yeah!

11. wat's da fifth text in ur inbox say?
* "PLEASE CALL 7*9*8*2 - From Dhiraagu "Call Me Back" Service"

12. Whr was da last cofy shop u go to?
* last week

13. wat's ur outfit ryt nw?
* black shirt and black shorts

16. wat were u duin at 11pm last nyt?
* on a call..;)

17. who was da last person u talked to last nyt b4 bed?
* LuLu babe! XD

18. will u b drivin in a year?
* yeah maybe...XD

19. is thr nethn tht u r craving ryt nw?
* yeah...

20. wen did ur last hug take place?
* on the road =D

22. hav u evr started a sentence wit "No offense, but..."?
* naah..

23. Do u drink tea?
* not usually...

24. hav u evr byn arrested?
* hehe..naah..!!

25. hav u rode in sum1 els's car 2day?
* nope

26. hav u made a mistake this past week?
* yeah...:(

27. who was da last person u texted?
* my classmate...

28. r u happy wit ur life ryt nw?
* naah..

29. in da past 72 hrs hav u byn undr da influence of slyp?
* hehe yeah...

30. wat's da connection between u n da last person u texted?
* friends... =)

time for me to tag!! XD rezorn and ne3...u've been tagged!! :P ..btw where did the question 14,15 & 21.. go :S


Hey guys...check these new userbars i've made ;)

Maldivian - proud to be a Maldivian
Proud to be a Maldivian

Proud to be a Maldivian

Dhiraagu user
Dhiraagu user

Dhiraagu user

Wataniya user
Wataniya user

Wataniya user

ROL user
ROL user

ROL user

MvBlogs user
MvBlogs user user user

Reload gamer
Reload gamer

Reload gamer

RockStorm fan
RockStorm fan

Lecute RockStorm fan

Stygian Shores fan
Stygian Shores fan

Serenity Dies fan
Serenity Dies fan

Sacred Legacy fan
Sacred Legacy fan

Tormenta fan
Tormenta fan

FasyLive fan
FasyLive fan

EvilCommunity user

EC member

EC user

Euro fan
Euro fan

More userbars coming up... comments and requests are welcome ;)
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