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Tagged!! O_o

whoah...!! m tagged by Cielo Sama :P laayee!! XD thankx for the tag btw...umwah!

1. wat's ur latest addiction?
* err...eatin yogurt XD

2. wat r u listnin to?
* music!! =D

3. how late did u stay up last nyt n y?
* 3 i watch some movies XD

4. who were u wit last friday nyt?
* with ma friendx =D

5. do u think u will b in a relationship 3 mnths frm nw?
* maybe...

6. wen is da next tym u'll see ur clz frnds?
* maybe tomorrow...

7. wat were u duin this mrnin at 7am?
* sleeping...XD

8. wat radio station do u listn to da most?
* hfm

9. wat was da reason u last cried?
* err..i cant remember...

10. hav u evr talk'd to sumone wen they were high?
* lol..yeah!

11. wat's da fifth text in ur inbox say?
* "PLEASE CALL 7*9*8*2 - From Dhiraagu "Call Me Back" Service"

12. Whr was da last cofy shop u go to?
* last week

13. wat's ur outfit ryt nw?
* black shirt and black shorts

16. wat were u duin at 11pm last nyt?
* on a call..;)

17. who was da last person u talked to last nyt b4 bed?
* LuLu babe! XD

18. will u b drivin in a year?
* yeah maybe...XD

19. is thr nethn tht u r craving ryt nw?
* yeah...

20. wen did ur last hug take place?
* on the road =D

22. hav u evr started a sentence wit "No offense, but..."?
* naah..

23. Do u drink tea?
* not usually...

24. hav u evr byn arrested?
* hehe..naah..!!

25. hav u rode in sum1 els's car 2day?
* nope

26. hav u made a mistake this past week?
* yeah...:(

27. who was da last person u texted?
* my classmate...

28. r u happy wit ur life ryt nw?
* naah..

29. in da past 72 hrs hav u byn undr da influence of slyp?
* hehe yeah...

30. wat's da connection between u n da last person u texted?
* friends... =)

time for me to tag!! XD rezorn and ne3...u've been tagged!! :P ..btw where did the question 14,15 & 21.. go :S


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