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Ahoy! Its International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Arrr!!

Ahoy! Today is the International Talk Like A Pirate Day (ITLAPD)...arrr!! ITLAPD is a parodic holiday celebrated every year on September 19th. Many have been celebrating the ITLAPD around the world today, including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Friendfeed.

Pirate Google Searrrch..arrr!!

to celebrate the ITLAPD, Facebook has even added the Pirate language feature which changes alot the Logout part becomes Abandon Ship and Inbox becomes Bottle o' Messages. Wana' check it out? Just simply go to the bottom of your facebook page and change the language to English (Pirate) from English

for more info, check out the ITLAPD official website:


Anonymous said...

ahoy me hearties, happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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