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Too lazy to upload...why dont you do that for me? ^^

Uploading to RapidShare could be sometimes a pain in the ass. I used to use the RapidUploader and the RapidShare Manager to upload files. It takes like almost a day to upload a whole movie with some connection errors and so on... >.> So i figured another way by uploading to another server by FTP, and using remote upload to download those files into my RS account. I think its a pretty effective way to upload files to RS, just in case if those files were deleted or reported and you had to reupload it. Using the same idea, i thought why not remote upload those files directly from my PC! =D So, i used XAMPP as my web server, moved all the files into the web server and added the links into the remote upload list. It worked! ^^ ...of cause it'd work! :P RapidShare downloads 5 jobs simultaneously, and my upload speed is 0.5mb/s. After sometime i got this message saying the downloads have been aborted as it has exceeded 3 hours >.> I used 200mb files, so i changed them to 100mb files and then it worked perfectly! ^^
...on my way uploading Assassin's Creed II =D


Anonymous said...

haha nice idea

|[ sykez ]| said...

thanks :)

Leon said...

mashakah neyngun thi vee nuvee eh.. noony ma upload kuraanamus / kureemus / kuraanan.

dhivehin kiyaadhee !
P.S: my verification wrd was MATED lol

|[ sykez ]| said...

hahaha! balaaeh! :P
koacheh neyngunee mithanun? XAMPP install koffa..upload kuranvee files thah eyah laafa...kae router ports open koffa...kae IP hoadhaafa...dhen remote upload thereah laanee ;)

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